Friday, July 1, 2011

Make Me Something

Make Me Something is my new series of posts where I'm gonna "Julie and Julia" the heck out of a list of 2000 cocktails my father-in-law was jerky kind enough to send me.  If you recall my post about Crowjito's, you'll see where I got the title from.

I thought long and hard about doing this challenge, weighing the pro's and con's, the cost involved and the sheer pain of having to try 2000 drinks, (cough cough) but....I'll do it!  I'm going to start at the very top of the list and work my way down (the first drinks begin with number and number names, and then we'll get to the A's).  If I find some to be repetitive we'll just skip em. 

**Please note that the bartending/service industry world is a scary, scary place filled with little more than foul language and sexual harassment.  I will do my best to protect you from the raunchy names of most of these drinks but please look away if you get embarrassed *blush*. 

Day 1 - Drink #1   The 2"x 4"
I did a little research and per Southern Comfort recipes this is also called a BearF*cker or a Jumpstarter for those faint of heart.
OMG.  I had to read the text underneath this drink several times to make sure I saw it correctly.  Let's begin with the recipe first and then we'll all have a good guffaw.

2 cl* whisky
2 cl* Southern Comfort
3 drops Angostura bitters
Ice Cubes

* a cl is a centiliter which no one uses in the states...that should've been my first clue as to where this drink was originally from.  For our purposes, I used .5 oz. for a tasting.

Here are the directions that followed the recipe:

Somebody needs some botox.
First put the ice in the glass. Then pore the whiskey and the Southern Comfort
into the glass. Drip with the Angostura. Stir it together.
The drink was originally invented in my home town Arendal. Me and a friend was
looking for something that really gave a "kick". The name 2" 4" was given,
because its like to be hit in the head with a 2" 4".
Holy crap.  I'm crying because I'm laughing so hard.  I'm not sure what's funnier, the poor spelling or the poor grammar.  So I looked up where Arendal is, the Deliverance banjo playing in my head, praying it was some back woods town in a southern state (calm down, I live in a southern state, I'm allowed to say things like that) and it's in Norway! What?! Alright, alright.  I forgive you and give you a pass for the grammar. 

Getting back to the drink, I give it a 2.5 out of 5.  I love me some SoCo but whiskey is not my poison of choice.  Tastes like it would put hair on your chest and I'm having enough hormonal problems at my age.  I could see myself in Vegas, at a blackjack table with a cigar drinking something like this.  But I stink at blackjack and cigars are gross (but I heart Vegas!) so nope, won't be having this one again. 

SN: As I reach the end of my review I have surprisingly found myself with an empty glass and a buzz, guess it wasn't all that bad :) Cheers!

Coming up next: 3 Mile Long Island Iced Tea (which I seriously may get to tonight)

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