Sunday, May 22, 2011

Team Boccismo

As you know, Cory and I do our best to seek out different, fun things to fill our weekends.  So when he came across a Bocce Ball Tournament, a game we've been playing for years, he was crazy excited to form a team and gather the entrance fee which is how Team Boccismo was born.  Not only was this a fantastic way to spend an afternoon but it was also for a good cause, The Special Olympics.

Bocce - (boch-ee)
- noun
   An Italian variety of lawn bowling played on a dirt court that is shorter and narrower than the rink of a bowling green

Machismo - (mah-cheez-moh)
- noun
A strong or exaggerated sense of manliness; an assumptive attitude that virility, courage, strength, and entitlement to dominate are attributes of masculinity

Team Boccismo

Dennis, Jeff, Cory & Brian

Dennis made the shirts (super awesome job Dennis!) and even added a special touch on the back representing each members last name.  From L to R: 
Dennis = Dot R R - Dotterer
Jeff = A heart with blood vessels -Vessell
Cory = A Croissant (do I need to explain?)
Brian = Turtle - Mertel

They began very early, 8:30 am, with a round robin consisting of 52 teams.  I received regular text messages with updates.  First game won...second game won...third game won!! They earned their way into the actual tournament beginning with 16 teams.  With about 9 beers and 4 sandwiches each in them, they were ready to start the real competition.  I made my way to Legacy Park to see the action first-hand.

I was very excited for the guys! Here they went, the first single elimination game against a team they barely beat before.  I stood by like a good little wifey, rooting them on...and then oops, they started to falter.  My heart stopped.  "Oh my gosh", I thought.  "It's my fault!"  What you don't know is that I am a perpetual jinx to my husband.  Whatever game he's involved in, the moment I come around he instantly starts a downward spiral.  Be it bags or poker, blackjack or doesn't matter.  We've actually had lengthy conversations regarding this topic.  I assume this is because I am so breathtaking that he can't help but be distracted...right?  Well I certainly didn't want to claim responsibility for this one so like the good little wifey I mentioned before...I hid.  See below.

I literally found a seat on a rock and hid behind the brush.  And guess what?  They won!

Elite 8!  Learning my lesson I found my way to the playground to join the kiddos as the next game was beginning.  Alas, they lost that game due to a very bumpy court, but at least they couldn't blame it on Delane (insert Milli Vanilli song here).  Out of 52 teams they finished 5th! Not bad for one day of practice!

They all had the best time, got to drink many pints of beers and consume lots of awesome BBQ, received countless compliments on their shirts and raised a good bit of money for charity.  A day well spent.

Long live Team Boccismo!

**I think next year I may gather a ladies Bocce team :)**

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