Thursday, May 5, 2011

I tried something new #2. Grade: A-

So it's 9:00am.  The twins have been sent to school and Quinn has been fed, cleaned, clothed and sent to school as well.  I find myself alone at home (insert relaxing sigh) and I'm hungry.  I start to search the cabinets but there isn't too much to find.  No cereal.  No pop-tarts.  No frozen breakfast sandwiches.  Those of you with kids older than 5 will surely appreciate this next reference.  You know the Nematode's from Spongebob? For those of you not familiar, they are a group of ocean organisms that travel in fast moving herds consuming everything in their path...well...that's what my family is like.  I buy food, the food is gone. Sure I have eggs but they're not suiting my mood.

I reluctantly get out the box of frozen waffles.  Eh.  I need something better than this.  Hmmm...I have banana's.  And strawberries.  And brown sugar! So this is what I did for a "something new" breakfast.
I melted a Tbs. (or two) of dark brown sugar in a small sauce pan with a few teaspoons of butter margarine making a "sort-of" caramel.  I then added a half of a sliced banana and sauteed for a quick minute.  I sliced a few strawberries fan style and toasted my waffles.  I then topped my crisp waffled with the banana's and the sliced strawberries and drizzled the dark caramel over the top.  Yum!! No syrup needed here!

I give it an A- because I overcooked the banana's just a bit and some fresh whip cream would've made it that much more special (and made me have to stay an extra 15 at the gym today). 

Next I Tried Something New: Fruit salad with fresh basil and mint.

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