Friday, April 22, 2011

So What's the Point?

So here we are.  The beginning.  The maiden voyage.  But the question is why?  Why create yet another blog in the vast internet sea?  And why do I keep making nautical references? That's neither here nor there but the answer is because I need a project and I think I have some interesting knowledge to share.  Apparently a part time job, three active kids, a household to run and a home business don't keep me busy enough.  Contrary to what my family will believe, based on the fact that they will always see me as an extremely lazy teenager, I find myself unable to sit still.  I often find myself multitasking (like picking bits of glue off used jewelry bails) when I do sit down to watch one of my beloved cooking traveling Anthony Bourdain shows.  But something is missing.  A creative outlet to share my relationships with eats, drinks and experiences.

<<<------ My very artsy and well-traveled sister-in-law Kristin Croissant started writing a blog ( when she and my brother-in-law Adam recently moved to Ireland.  Awesome right?  Clearly she has a ton to write about and we hang on her every word and picture.  So when brainstorming for my blog I had to think to myself, "What should I write about?  What will people want to read?".  The answer stems from my friends and family.  When I'm at work or socializing and conversation turns to food or drink or restaurants or politics or religion or books I always have too much to add (especially after a few delicious Captain and diets...with lime).  The proverbial light bulb above my head had been lit.

It all started about 3 years ago.  Cory and I were doing some extensive pallet expansion and realized that there is a whole world of new tastes and textures...shoot, I guess that means we're officially grown-ups.  No more hot dogs, macaroni and cheese and Bud Light.  It's more like a spicy fennel chicken sausage, stout braised onions, farfalle with gorgonzola and an IPA.  Also, we are constantly on the hunt for something unique and fun to do around town and I feel like I'm always being told how great it is that we go do these fun things, make these bizarre recipes and generally try new things. 

With that said, I want to write them down, share them, remember them and keep the good times coming!

Don't worry, this blog will not become a daily overview of my eating habits, not unlike a Weight Watchers journal.  It will encompass everything we as humans are supposed to appreciate and indulge in to make life well...livable.  I am going to do my best to saturate enrich myself with all things great for mind, body and soul and search for truly interesting finds that you will all appreciate learning about and hopefully have a laugh or two.

My second post will kick off with one of my favorite topics and something I consider myself to be an expert in:  The Mojito.  I will also be posted the long awaited and anticipated recipe for the Cro-jito. 

I hope you follow me along my journey of consumable happiness!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! You're pretty awesome and artsy yourself! Looking forward reading your blog!