Monday, April 25, 2011

Eggs and Helicopters and Beers! Oh My! Part 1 - Egg Chaos

Let me begin with an OMG.  The Croissant family packed more fun and calories into one Saturday than should be legal.  With that said, I will begin with Part 1 - Egg Chaos.

Easter weekend 2011.  Saturday.  It was an exceptionally beautiful day here in Greenville, SC.  75 degrees with a cool breeze.   The Crow's had a full day planned.  First we started with the ever popular "get up too late, yell at the kids to hurry and make a mad dash out the door. Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Dammit! Get in the car!".  You know, the typical way we start out a wonderful day of family-ness.  We raced downtown, zipped into a parking lot, where a convenient trolley was waiting to take us, and the other 10,000 people, to our event. 

One and a half minutes later, (guess we could've walked) we pull up in front of Fluor Field, our local minor league baseball field for a big ol' egg hunt! There were 7,000 kids registered and 50,000 eggs on the field.  The coolest part? Not one, but 4 helicopters came and dropped the eggs on the field!                             

 They had the field roped off for different age groups.  Cory and I divided and conquered, him taking the twins and me taking Quinn. 

Now, we've been to these events before.  We are no strangers to the cut-throat world of adolescent Easter egg hunts, especially when big ticket prizes are being given away.  They had a multitude of flat screen T.V.'s, Wii's, Playstations and Go-Carts.  Now I'm not here to judge (you know I will anyway), but you should have seen the people telling their kids to shake the eggs and if there was candy inside to drop it and move on to the next (looking for the prize tickets).  Let's just say if you've ever been to Walmart on Black Friday you've seen what I saw.  Never the less, there were also plenty of people who were just out there to give their kids a special Easter experience. 

I have a treat for you.  I took a short video of the chaos that ensues when you let 7,000 kids run out onto a field at one time, their eye's mad with anticipation.  Their little Mary Jane's and boat shoes matched perfectly with their ridiculous smocked jon-jons and ballet skirts, quivering in excitement, ready to burst through the gate, longing for that fun-size Twizzler!  Let me also add that parents were not supposed to go out on the field with the kids and as soon as they let them go, fear shot through me as I watched Quinn disappear into the crowd, assuming I would never see her again.  I just hoped she got enough candy to keep her full until she ended up in Vegas where she would launch a one woman toddler show.

Please to enjoy, notice the guy at the very end with the rat-tail...I'm just saying.

Stay tuned to Part 2 where I will review all the wondrous eats and drinks we consumed after the hunt.

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